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We Now Make Bean-to-Bar Chocolate. It's Good.

Bean. to. bar. It's been a long time coming but we're excited to announce we're now making bean-to-bar chocolate. We've been experimenting with getting the right beans and making them just how we like chocolate. The results have been pretty tasty.  Due to challenges shipping this somewhat fragile food, we're currently selling the bars in-store only, so please come visit and give them a try. While we always have wonderful experiments going, our current "standard" bars are: 70% Dark Chocolate 50% Dark Goat Milk Chocolate 60% Dark Buttermilk Chocolate You're sure to find those whenever you come see us. You also might find some more exotic stuff. Here are some of the combinations we've been playing with at the shop:...

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Living a cocoa life

My business is cocoa beans, now I haven't gone so far as a cocoa bean to a chocolate bar (although it seems to be popping up in my mind more and more often) but I do use my roasted cocoa beans in delicious ways. The taste of my new Peruvian origin cocoa bean as a brewed drink is a dark chocolate wonder. When prepared correctly (as in using enough, long steeping) the taste experience is like no hot chocolate you have had before. I call it hot chocolate but it’s so much more. The power of infusing and steeping cocoa beans is a totally natural chocolate experience. Though you can choose your own favorite add-ons, a splash of milk or...

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Eat WHOLE Cocoa Beans with Sweet Midnight

Cocoa beans are our stock and trade, and cocoa beans are an amazing work of nature: Rich on cocoa butter and a complex terroir from wherever it was grown. And nothing shows off the bean like our own Sweet Midnight cocoa beans! We roast and sugar our beans, sure--but we also like to...experiment. Finally, we've decided to settle on 6 flavors. For now. No more flavors. It's really fun creating them, but we also have to work on spreading the word. So no more flavors. :) Here's what you've got to choose from: Chai Mint Orange Ginger Paleo Maple Spice Sweet Cocoa Spice is warm and rich. Chai: who knew chocolate and chai would make the perfect match? Orange Ginger the perfect chocolate combination: floral of orange...

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