Eat WHOLE Cocoa Beans with Sweet Midnight

Sweet Midnight sweetened whole cocoa beans (cacao)
Cocoa beans are our stock and trade, and cocoa beans are an amazing work of nature: Rich on cocoa butter and a complex terroir from wherever it was grown.
And nothing shows off the bean like our own Sweet Midnight cocoa beans! We roast and sugar our beans, sure--but we also like to...experiment. Finally, we've decided to settle on 6 flavors. For now. No more flavors. It's really fun creating them, but we also have to work on spreading the word. So no more flavors. :)
Here's what you've got to choose from:
Cocoa Spice is warm and rich. Chai: who knew chocolate and chai would make the perfect match? Orange Ginger the perfect chocolate combination: floral of orange peel with the bite of good ginger. And cocoa mint is better, better, better than a peppermint patty. Don’t forget to let us know what you think! You're at the vanguard of a new taste experience with single origin, bean to bean chocolate.  Choose you own chocolate bean to bean experience!

And don't forget you get free shipping with any orders over $50 with code SHIPSHIPHOORAY :)

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