Living a cocoa life

Cocoa Manna Is BeautifulMy business is cocoa beans, now I haven't gone so far as a cocoa bean to a chocolate bar (although it seems to be popping up in my mind more and more often) but I do use my roasted cocoa beans in delicious ways. The taste of my new Peruvian origin cocoa bean as a brewed drink is a dark chocolate wonder. When prepared correctly (as in using enough, long steeping) the taste experience is like no hot chocolate you have had before. I call it hot chocolate but it’s so much more. The power of infusing and steeping cocoa beans is a totally natural chocolate experience.

Though you can choose your own favorite add-ons, a splash of milk or coconut cream and a swirl of honey is my everyday go-to. I have also served it as dessert, of course. My favorite incarnation was for our Christmas party: Cocoa Manna with peppermint schnapps, whipped cream, and a sprinkling of crushed candy cane. This was a surprise to everyone (even me) how good it was, and so easy! No day in the kitchen, just the steeping time, whipping time, and pouring time. Yes brewing chocolate is a healthy choice, but it can also be a party topping (think how happy pure brewing chocolate makes everyone around the table) joyous end to an evening.

Happy Drinking!


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