Focusing on the Beans in 2016

The holiday season has come and gone; it was a blur. I want to thank everyone for their most kind attention and support for our evolving cocoa bean journey this year. It has kept me going when all I could see were roasted cocoa beans and hear the whir of the grinder. Talking to you all about cocoa beans is my favorite part of the business.

Now on to 2016! I love what I do in my little Griffinsburg store, it keeps me creative, inspired, and joyful. In fact so creative that when I went to a wedding expo with a friend and saw a baker who makes sugared nuts it got me thinking, I could do that with cocoa beans! I have  kept a log from when I first started roasting and grinding cocoa beans, where they came from and what the flavor notes were (cocoa beans all taste different) and how available they were. I now have a Sweet Midnight (we call my new sugared cocoa beans) log growing as well.

This spring when I really got rolling with them they were good, I’m now making them great! The bonus for me is I don’t just have to work with dry spices I can now work with essential oils which are very powerful for your mind and body (and tasty as well). Sugared cocoa beans with essential oils.

I'm starting with citruses and ginger: what magic with the deep chocolate flavor of our roasted cocoa beans. These are great take alongs on the trail or bike ride, a picnic, or as a get you over the evening hump of a chocolate craving. A chocolate snack that is healthy, delicious, and won't melt? I'll take one.


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